Song of the Summer? Petite Meller – Milk Bath

by Thomas Blake

If you have any interest in the joyful  power of pop music you’ve not had the pleasure of seeing and hearing Petite Meller, you need to get on board, stat. The frankly bizarre aesthetic – think Lolita meets Lady Gaga in a French postcolonial pastel-hued fever dream – is all part of the appeal, as are the lyrical nods to the more intellectual end of twentieth century psychology and philosophy. But above and beyond all this are the tunes. The French have a knack for making pop music that is both clever and fun, from Jacques Dutronc to Air via Vanessa Paradis, but Petite trumps everything. Latest release Milk Bath – from the forthcoming album of the same name – is a jaunty paean to, er, bathing in milk. Freudian, probably. And, like practically everything else she’s come up with, it’s one of the catchiest, most unadulteratedly fun songs you’re ever likely to hear, from its oddly sexy chorus to the jubilant African choir that kicks in half way through. It’s a beaut.


Oh, and there’s a lyric near the start that says ‘God exists between your dollars.’ On first listen, I thought it was ‘God exists between your udders.’ Now that’s what I call Freudian.