Review: Games Violet – Nixie EP

by Thomas Blake

Games Violet (or Alex and Emma if you really want to try and humanise these monsters): a duo who sound like they spend too much time in each other’s company, and not enough time in the sunlight. Nixie came out a couple of months ago now, but I somehow missed it, despite loving the teaser that came out late last year.

17th Century sounds like Prince on robot-ketamine. Courtship (the aforementioned teaser) is the sound of a beautiful stranger running the tip of a knife lightly down the boniest bits of your spine: kinda sexy, a bit tickly and fucking scary.

The title track notches up the weird levels. An evil syrup. It treks deep into the uncanny valley and narrowly avoids being penetrated in the arse by uncanny bears, DiCaprio-style. Then it’s gone, back into the digital woods to scream its soul out.

Gone is post-millennial nihilist pop par excellence – the musical equivalent of attempting to destroy a 3D-printed bust of  Søren Kierkegaard with a hammer made from your own earwax. It sounds like Lorde might have sounded like if she had given up on the idea of life before she had even been hauled shrieking from her mother’s dark womb.

And that’s it. Four twisted tracks. You probably don’t want more than that in one sitting, at least not without stronger meds. But fuck me it’s good.

Oh, and there is this video for Courtship. I don’t think you’re supposed to like it, but you can’t really help watching it. When the internet becomes sentient in the near future, this is what it will think all humans are like.