A Year in the Ear, Part 2: 2015’s Best Songs

by Thomas Blake

First up, some great new rap. Like Left Eye never left.


Next, some Aussie bliss.


What would happen if Joni Mitchell rewrote Sultans of Swing?


If this is a joke, it’s a ridiculously catchy one. Colourful musical vomit, like your ears have been necking skittles and blue WKD.


More colourful musical vomit, but this has definitely got some traces of blood in it.


The G-funk revival is all set to be 2016’s big sound. Honest.


Super-soulful Isley Brothers cover from Mr Ocean.


Nao’s classy, hooky RnB has an experimental, modernistic twist that puts her in the FKA Twigs league.


Gallic house beats, horny synths and peppy, poppy vocals made Petite Meller’s breakthrough release one of the catchiest things around.


Some incredible, detached yet intimate dream pop from New York.


Like Tango in the Night-era Fleetwood Mac overseen by Ingmar Bergman. Accessible Scandi-cool. Ikea-pop, anyone?


Another one that taps into the G-funk thang, but more minimal this time.


Here is some woozy, experimental lap steel


Ought did some great things this year. This sprawling mutha is like the lost artifact from a collaboration between the Talking Heads and Steven Malkmus.


The fractured piano puts this on the ambient side of musique concrete.


Here on Spotify you can find some magickal spook folk…

…and staying in the realm of the uncanny, here’s a folky-doomy Sabbath cover from Marissa Nadler.


There was some bizarre, bendy pop coming out of France this year.


And finally this terrifying, nauseous, lovely, haunted effort by Games Violet.